Sub-Category 1: Thrash Metal

As requested by a few people I’ve decided to elaborate a little bit about the sub-categories of Metal genres.  As of right now, no there is of course not every sub-category imaginable mentioned and you never know, perhaps some day I can get to that.

So here we go…

Thrash MetalOne of the easiest sub-categories of Metal to again sub-categorize on.  There are a bajillion bands out there with an obvious Thrash influence and clear portrayal of so in their music.

To name a bit, we’ve got:

Death/Thrash (possibly my favorite combination) has/had bands like Burnt Offering, Solstice, Morbid Saint, Hellwitch and Skeletal Earth.  These bands have a more “Thrashier” take on what Death Metal is, more or less being Death influenced Thrash.  Unlike the earliest forms of Death Metal (Old-School Death Metal) which was more Thrash influenced Death, just as mentioned in my Sub-Category 2: Death Metal post.

Black/Thrash is represented in bands such as Necronomicon, Aura Noir, and Bulldozer.  Which all hold a Black influenced Thrash Metal sound.  (The earliest forms of Black Metal held the extreme influenced Thrash Metal sound that Death Metal also had in the beginning.  Being more or less Thrash influenced Black Metal.)

Crossover/Thrash & Hardcore (the original before people ruined the term)/Crossover Thrash are hard to distinguish at times because they are both the same (Crossover/Thrash) but still different.  For instance, if I am thinking Crossover type Thrash in my head I think of a band like Excel or Leeway.  If I am thinking more Hardcore/Crossover type Thrash, I think Cro-Mags.  You know?

A few more Crossover/Thrash bands are Uncle Slam, Metal Onslaught and Crumbsuckers.  I also cannot forget Rumble Militia because to me they have a completely different take on what Crossover/Thrash is/was and I absolutely love it.

Some greats are in the Speed/Thrash sub-category (another category not always easy to distinguish) with bands like Agent Steel, Holy Terror and Exciter.

Technical/Thrash (my other favorite combination) is represented in bands such as Coroner, Deathrow, and Toxik.

Progressive/Thrash (Also usually considered Technical) is home to bands like Juggernaut and Watchtower.

The last that I will mention is the Power/Thrash category with bands like Deadly Blessing, Heretic, Aftermath (AZ), and Powerlord.

All bands mentioned in this post I do listen to and I do recommend to anyone and everyone who is a fan of Thrash Metal in general or maybe just a metal fan looking to expand your horizons.  And hey that’s what I like to hear!


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