Sub-Category 2: Death Metal

Death Metal.  Another extremely influential sub-category of Metal that is constantly combined with other sub-categorized genres.  However, also creating some of it’s own within itself. 😉

The Old-School Death Metal sound is one that is very recognizable.  It is heavily Thrash influenced for obvious reasons as the time fits, etc.  Bands like Master, Insanity and Possessed all hold the original Old-School Death Metal attribute with clear Thrash influenced sound.  This however is still quite distinctively different from the Death/Thrash sound I spoke of before in the Sub-Category 1: Thrash Metal post, as well as what Death Metal stereotypically seems to be…

Now off of that we have Grindcore (Grindcore/Death Metal), which is another sub-category that kind of has two paths.  There are bands like Repulsion, Terrorizer & Exhumed that immediately come to mind.  These bands represent more of the beginning of Grindcore, the more raw edge of Death Metal, if you will.  However, there are bands like Jig-Ai, Pigsty, and Haemorrhage that are more on the Goregrind side of Grindcore/Death Metal and to go on from there and mention the other kinds of grind and mixtures etc. is going to make my mind explode which again just points out once more how endless sub-category possibilities are…which is NOT a bad thing! 😀 Okay moving on…

The combination Death/Black is one that is home to bands like Behemoth, Infernal War, Dissection, and Hecate Enthroned.  Now as you may know it is quite common to have Thrash and/or Melodic influences with this combination as well. 😉 When will it end? haha NEVER!

Now aside from the Death Metal category, we have also the Brutal Death Metal sub-category (which yes, if you can believe it a lot of the time has quite distinct Grindcore influences as well).  These are bands like Animals Killing People, Fleshgrind, and Severe Torture.

Lastly, I shall mention Technical Death Metal (quite impressive I know).  Bands like Origin, Necrophagist, Anata, and Pavor to name a few.  These bands take Death Metal to another extreme, and if you listen to it, you’ll hear how!

Again, all bands mentioned in these posts are bands I do listen to and recommend and yes I know very well that I didn’t touch every sub-category like I would like to.


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  1. Necrophagist is awesome. I love their stuff.

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