Sub-Category 1: Thrash Metal

As requested by a few people I’ve decided to elaborate a little bit about the sub-categories of Metal genres.  As of right now, no there is of course not every sub-category imaginable mentioned and you never know, perhaps some day I can get to that.

So here we go…

Thrash MetalOne of the easiest sub-categories of Metal to again sub-categorize on.  There are a bajillion bands out there with an obvious Thrash influence and clear portrayal of so in their music.

To name a bit, we’ve got:

Death/Thrash (possibly my favorite combination) has/had bands like Burnt Offering, Solstice, Morbid Saint, Hellwitch and Skeletal Earth.  These bands have a more “Thrashier” take on what Death Metal is, more or less being Death influenced Thrash.  Unlike the earliest forms of Death Metal (Old-School Death Metal) which was more Thrash influenced Death, just as mentioned in my Sub-Category 2: Death Metal post.

Black/Thrash is represented in bands such as Necronomicon, Aura Noir, and Bulldozer.  Which all hold a Black influenced Thrash Metal sound.  (The earliest forms of Black Metal held the extreme influenced Thrash Metal sound that Death Metal also had in the beginning.  Being more or less Thrash influenced Black Metal.)

Crossover/Thrash & Hardcore (the original before people ruined the term)/Crossover Thrash are hard to distinguish at times because they are both the same (Crossover/Thrash) but still different.  For instance, if I am thinking Crossover type Thrash in my head I think of a band like Excel or Leeway.  If I am thinking more Hardcore/Crossover type Thrash, I think Cro-Mags.  You know?

A few more Crossover/Thrash bands are Uncle Slam, Metal Onslaught and Crumbsuckers.  I also cannot forget Rumble Militia because to me they have a completely different take on what Crossover/Thrash is/was and I absolutely love it.

Some greats are in the Speed/Thrash sub-category (another category not always easy to distinguish) with bands like Agent Steel, Holy Terror and Exciter.

Technical/Thrash (my other favorite combination) is represented in bands such as Coroner, Deathrow, and Toxik.

Progressive/Thrash (Also usually considered Technical) is home to bands like Juggernaut and Watchtower.

The last that I will mention is the Power/Thrash category with bands like Deadly Blessing, Heretic, Aftermath (AZ), and Powerlord.

All bands mentioned in this post I do listen to and I do recommend to anyone and everyone who is a fan of Thrash Metal in general or maybe just a metal fan looking to expand your horizons.  And hey that’s what I like to hear!


Category: Metal

Metal.  By far one of the genres with the most sub-categories to date.  However, nowadays Metal as a genre is so extremely vague that it is hard to have anything just be called simply “Metal” any more.  Even some of the sub-categories of Metal are hard to consider “Metal” to me for simply the lack of influence and structure they seem to take from Metal as we know it.

Some of the main sub-categories of Metal are as follows…

Death Metal, bands like Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, ObituaryUnleashed are just a few of the bands that come to mind as the most pure forms of Death Metal.  For some of the sub-categories of Death Metal, please see my post here.

The actual scene of where a band is from is often compared to other scenes, especially in Death Metal such as Florida which has/had by far one of the greatest scenes yet to date with outfits such as Monstrosity, Disincarnate, Massacre, and Death.  The US East Coast (more so in the New York area) also has/has a great scene with acts such as Immolation, Mortician and Incantation.  However, my favorite is more than likely the Swedish Death Metal scene with greats such as Hypocrisy, Entombed, Sorcery, Dismember, and pretty much every project Dan Swanö has been a part of and so on…

Thrash Metal. The easiest sub-genre to sub-categorize on, and more than likely the most common.  It’s always somewhat of a challenge to decide if such and such band is more so straight up Thrash rather than a mixture of.  I think of bands like Overkill, Savage Thrust, Heathen, Tankard, and Vio-Lence etc etc.  For some of the sub-categories of Thrash Metal, please see my post here.

The various location scenes of Thrash Metal are often discussed as well, especially when comparing East Coast/West Coast in the United States. San Francisco Bay area Thrash is probably the most notorious with acts such as Forbidden, Exodus, Epidemic, and Metallica (after their move from L.A.). The East coast, more so in the New York area was home to bands such as Anthrax, Scatterbrain, M.O.D., Nuclear Assault and Cro-Mags.  Texas to me had numerous outfits keeping the scene alive with bands like Watchtower, Juggernaut, Devastation, Helstar and Rigor Mortis.  Outside of the US, Canada lead the way with bands such as Infernäl Mäjesty, Razor, Sacrifice, Annihilator and Exciter.  Over in Germany (Possibly my favorite Thrash scene) bands like Pyracanda, Exumer, Paradox, Assassin were sprouting up and more commonly known Kreator, Sodom and Destruction as well and so on…

To be continued…

The Debate

“What kind of music do you listen to?” An extremely common question asked to everyone, especially me. The fact that I listen to “metal” is obvious, but there is much more to it than that.  (Which someone who doesn’t listen to metal will not relate to or understand until explained and even then THAT is questionable). The genre of “metal” goes a long way and holds too many meanings and sub-categories it’s ridiculous.  To even the degree that it can cause debate upon debate whether or not such and such band applies under such and such category or sub-category or not.  Now for me on the other hand…am no different.  I like the challenge of trying to figure out how to explain a band’s sound.  No I am not appreciating the bands musical talent any less as many will argue.  Saying for example, “Who cares about labels…just listen to the music.” I am doing that. I am going even further than that and analyzing each part of the song to further be able to express into words what it is or represents and in turn search for a similar sound in other bands.  Which in the end…the music DOES do for itself, but in a way that I do not need to.  I know this always raises a lot of hype, but hell I welcome that! At least we are speaking about something that matters!  Music!