What do I listen to?

To say I listen to music would be an extreme understatement.  Anyone who knows me at all would say no different.  It is clear that metal is the main form or genre that I focus on.  However, there are many groups in other genres that I know extremely well (And when I say that I mean as well as any Iron Maiden or Death record). I could go note for note with Supertramp any day and then note for note with Ripping Corpse the next.  I enjoy hearing Depeche Mode back to back with Edge Of Sanity or Gammacide and then hell throw some Fleetwood Mac in there too why don’t you…and don’t forget the Crass and Summoning.

I too enjoy the many, many, sub-categories of the genres these groups fall in…especially the metal, of course.  You will find my elaboration on some of these categories in my writings here:


Thrash Metal

Death Metal

To Be Continued…



  1. greetings for bekah!

    this is an awsome space for metal maniaks!

    i really like the way you’ve mentioned about hearing depeche mode back to back with Edge of Sanity..and the Crass and Summoning..awsome diversity though..!

    • I really appreciate that Martin! 😀 Thanks a lot! I’m glad you came by and checked this crappola out. haha! Yes extreme diversity! I loves it all (for the most part 😉 )

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